HybridCars.eu domain

This name would be ideal for an automotive company that wants to sell hybrid cars on the market of EU. Many other companies, dealers or individuals could also benefit by owning HybridCars.eu, but focus in this text will be on automotive companies and their benefits from this domain name.
By owning domain name HybridCars.eu a new owner would get a lot. 


Pure generic domain name with high exact montly search

This is a pure generic domain name with the keyword phrase that is more and more popular day by day. Few years ago exact monthly search on Google for "hybrid cars" was less than 40000. Today it is 74000 and counting. It is expected that the number of people that type "hybrid cars" in Google will very soon cross 100000 per month.

Domain name HybridCars.eu is very easy to remember and that is very important. Everyone do know how to write it, and there is no fear that it will be mistyped if heard on radio commercial for example.


Get "undecided buyers" with HybridCars.eu

With HybridCars.eu you will be able to capture all the people that still have not decided which hybrid car they want. There are many different automotive companies that have hybrid cars in their offer. Many people decided just that they want a hybrid car. They still dont know from which manufacturer it should be. It is logical that they will start their search with "hybrid cars" instead of "manufacturer name hybrid cars". Well, on that way they will come directly to you if you will own HybridCars.eu. Under domain name HybridCars.eu you can present your hybrid models and then it is up to you to convert those visitors into buyers. You can also just redirect this domain to your main domain.


Exact Match Domain and .eu

Regarding EMD (Exact Match Domains) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you should know that EMD are still in a better position than other types of domains when it comes to SEO. This advantage is not strong like few years ago, but it still exist. If you have two websites about hybrid cars, optimized on the same way, and one is under HybridCars.eu (EMD) and the other is under some brandable domain like MyCoolName.com it is sure that HybridCars.eu will rank much better on Google. That is a fact. Extension of this domain is .eu, but .eu domains rank inside the EU the same like .com and ccTLD extension of specific country. Moreover, Google confirmed they treat .eu the same as .com on global web. In any country within the EU you will be able to rank .eu just as .com, or ccTLD of that specific country (.de, .co.uk, .fr, .it, etc...) Extension .eu would be the best choice in some cases as visitors from EU will be able to familiarize themselves with the extension and to be sure that they will find locally adjusted info.

It is very important to know that different case studies all confirmed that EMD domains have better opening percentage than any other type of domains. For instance, if someone is searching for "hybrid cars" on Google and in his search results get HybridCars.eu and SomeAutomotiveCompanyBrand.com in most cases he will click on HybridCars.eu. This is pure psychology and case studies confirmed this. If you get in Google search results some domain name that have the same name as it was your exact search you will click on that domain name rather than on any other domain that will show up. This fact should not be ignored.


Reduce your marketing expenses and increase your sales with HybridCars.eu

When it comes to AdWords and paying for Google AdWords campaigns, an average CPC (cost per click) for keyword phrase "hybrid cars" is around $3.5 USD if you want that your website be on top add positions. That means that you need to pay $3.5 USD each time when someone click on your ad on Google, no matter if he will become your customer. When you own EMD like HybridCars.eu you will have to pay less for each click as Google Ad Quality Score will be much better when you have domain name the same as the keyword phrase for which you want to be shown. This is Google Ad Quality Score policy. So if you lower price for click for just one $1 you will save $1000 per 1000 clicks. If your Google ad just for keyword phrase "hybrid cars" gets 1000 clicks per month you will save on annual level much more than you should pay for this domain. Think about it. Of course, your savings will continue forever as you need to pay purchase price for this domain only once.

By purchasing this domain name you must benefit. It is impossible that you dont return your investment and start making profit in a very short time. Like just mentioned, if your company pays for Google AdWords you will lower your marketing expenses for AdWords from a first day of owning this domain. Savings will be higher than purchase price maybe even after month or two. Also, if you recruit through this domain only 10 new customers per month you will raise your sales for 120 on annual level. It is very likely that with only one or two sales you make profit at least at the same range as it would be the purchase price of this domain. You should know that from this domain you will get directly interested visitors from the whole EU so it would be ok to expect even 740 (1% of the number of exact monthly search for "hybrid cars") or more new sales per month. Than it would be 8880 or more additional sales on annual level, without any additional cost in marketing. This might be around 10% of your total annual sales at this moment. With pessimistic calculation approach and only 0,1% monthly sales of total monthly exact search for "hybrid cars" (74000) you are able to raise your current annual sales by around 1% which is solid result for any big company.

Purchase of this domain name should be also considered as a one time investment in lifetime marketing. You will be constantly receiving free traffic thanks to this domain. With quality SEO you will easily achieve that this domain come on the top of search engines. Your IT department (or SEO company outside your company) will have no difficulties to rank this domain on top because competition on search engines is not strong (checked). You will be able to rank on the first position inside of EU and most likely outside of it.


Step ahead of your competition and make your brand stronger when it comes to hybrid cars

By owning HybridCars.eu you could make this term to be associated with your company. You could force people to think "hybrid cars are "your company name"". If someone type some generic term and see some well known company under domain name with this exact term it might start thinking that company is a global leader for that specific term. This would be a huge boost for your brand, market position and overall perception about your company.

With HybridCars.eu you would highlight your company among the competition. You would also eliminate them in some cases, and even take over some of their customers. Each individual who would type "hybrid cars" will come to you. Your competition will be avoided. Some of them might be current owners of a hybrid model of your competition, but when they come to you through the HybridCars.eu they might stay and become your customers.
In Google search results HybridCars.eu (after SEO) will be shown ahead of your competition that use their brand as domain name. People that search for "hybrid cars" will stop their search and click on HybridCars.eu because it matches their exact search and .eu extension will give them confidence that they will find locally adjusted info instead of general info. That way you will get them and your competition will be left behind your company.


Help your dealers to sell more of your hybrid models

If you sell only through your dealers, that is not a problem at all. Under this domain you could present all of your hybrid cars and convince visitors that your models are the best so they could continue their search by searching for some of your models at local dealers. You win anyway.


Get directly interested, well targeted visitors to your website

Visitors to HybridCars.eu will be directly interested, well targeted visitors. This is very important and much better than paying for expensive TV commercials that are presented to a wide audience of which just a few people are really interested in hybrid cars. Whoever type "hybrid cars" on Google is really interested and he will come to you if you will be the owner of HybridCars.eu. This name will give them confidence that they are on the right place, and when they see familiar logo they will stay at your website and check what you are offering.


Purchase or lease HybridCars.eu

Price of HybridCars.eu is only €4500 EUR. This amount for a domain name of this qualitiy should be recognized as a very attractive price. If you are not familiar with domain prices, please visit the following link and check the prices of recently reported domain sales: Recent Domain Sales

If you are interested in purchasing HybridCars.eu please click the Buy It Now button or contact us on e-mail address info (at ) dninvest (dot) co.uk. If we make an agreement trancaction could go directly through SEDO or through Escrow.com so security for both parties is guranteed. 

This domain could also be leased, with buyout option anytime during the lease period. Contact us for more info.

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