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High CPC value
Advertisers pay $6.02 for a single click

The CPC (Cost Per Click) value for this exact keyword phrase is $6.02 on the average which means those who use Google AdWords pay that much per click to have their ad on the top of search results. By having this domain you can start getting organic traffic to your website and qualified leads. Therefore you will save a lot of your advertising money. 

Improves  Ad Quality Score
Your AdWords campaign will be cheaper

If you use (or will use) Google AdWords then this domain will be of huge help to improve your Ad Quality Score and reduce your CPC cost because it contains the important keywords which improves ad quality. Your ad will be placed higher and you will be paying less per click.

Hybrid cars
Exact monthly search
People search exactly for this keyword phrase

There is a decent number of exact monthly searches on Google for this exact keyword phrase. Precisely, the exact search is about 130,000/month and growing. That means there are a lot of people people who type exactly this full keyword phrase while searching through Google. By having this domain you will put your business right in front of them and "force" them to visit you.

Descriptive and memorable
Straight to the point and easy to remember

This domain is very descriptive and memorable. Your potential clients will have no difficulties to remember it and will instantly know what they can expect under this domain. There is also a psychological factor which will tell them they found what they were looking for.

Why to purchase HybridCars.eu

Learn how this domain would help your business
You most likely already have a domain, but additional domain always means business improvement. Ask McDonalds, Starbucks etc. More domains mean higher online exposure and therefore more clients and profits. Moreover, this domain would be a signifacnt upgrade for the most hybrid cars related domains that are currently in use.
This is an exact match domain. People type in Google this exact keyword phrase, and they are doing that 130,000 times a month (this number is constantly growing). This domain contains the important keyword phrase (hybrid cars) and nothing else. That means this domain has strong SEO power.
There are people who are your potential clients but still not aware of your business. They will search for hybrid cars in general and therefore it would be wise to own this domain as your additional funnel of attracting clients/customers.
If you gain only 1 client/customer a month thanks to this domain it will be paid off immediately. However, this exact keyword phrase (hybrid cars) is searched by more than 130,000 people a month. Those people are highly qualified leads and it should be expected that at least 0.1% percent of them will make business with your company. If only 1/3 of them find you through this domain it means more than 40 new customers each month. Think about that.
The root of this domain is hybrid cars which is mega popular keyword phrase on Google. This domain, because its name left of the dot is hybrid cars without any prefix or suffix, can rank eqauly to .com. The extension .eu is treated by Google as a gTLD and Google confirmed they threat it equaly to .com.
If you would own this domain you will prevent your competition of owning it and "stealing" your potential customers.
HybridCars.eu contains the important keyword phrase and nothing else. It is easily memorable and straight to the point.


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